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Sun Power is the foundation as one of the most important institutions in Lebanon in studies and implementation of water heating and heating on solar energy projects under supervision of the best engineers for all installation:

- Industrial
- Touristic
- Services
- House hold

Our first concern is contributing to maintain a clean environment and to reduce heat emissions. For example, each house device provides about 2500 kg of Co2 per year (Equivalent to planting 200 trees).
In economic terms, the solar heaters lower the consumption of electricity and diesel allowing the consumer to get back the amounts paid during the period ranging between two to three years.
We import our products from GERMANY, ITALY, TURKEY and CHINA. Our products are ISO, CE and SOLAR KEYMARK certified.
The SUN POWER foundation got the confidence of the ministry of water and energy, the engineers and the consultants, and have participated in conferences and exhibitions on renewable energy.
Hoping that we get your confidence